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dance therapy

Without the expression of emotion, many abuse, trauma and unwanted children go without the necessary methods to communicate their needs. I integrate dance movements and choreography with daily journal entries to monitor the accelerated healing of all clients who have committed to their mental health success. Therapeutic writing is a necessary element to stretch faith into overcoming ones past while gaining new skills in dance and tapping into their God-given talent to write thoughts onto paper. 


Maintaining the integrity of ethics means building upon in it in a true holistic fashion for success. Putting out fires need not be the focus when you employ an empathetic and strategic writer who can express your long term goals.  As a previous successful business owner who employed troubled teens for entrepreneurial success, I compel all individuals to passionately work toward your organic concept of wholeness and personality integration.  No two people are alike so it makes sense to draw upon the strength and weaknesses of all people who spiritually desire to complete life through the pursuit of change.

Public speaking

Having an understanding of crisis, behavioral upsets, childhood trauma, abuse, and all sorts of psychosomatic disorders will greatly persuade the dynamic of functional order.  If a magazine, newspaper column, author, parent, therapist, website or any form of communication understands the survival tactics of human interaction, it is that much more advanced for expanding upon primal education. Simply educating professors and counselors isn't enough to have them breakthrough, we must build upon a thriving mindset that catapults the average person into utilizing their problems for a psychological turnaround toward greatness. I address many topics tapping into the human psyche that needs a foundational premise on faith and how everything flows through it.


Words have a way of painting a picture so why not be as abstract and imaginative as possible? To set yourself apart as an innovator means that you partake in different communicative styles that speak to vast audiences. I use my empathetic edge built upon psychological experience and study to lure people into wanting what you have to offer. I capture emotion that meets the passion of the audience with choice verbiage that they speak.  That means, all that I can pen on paper, becomes a baseline for your story as a business on the worldwide web.

An emotional teaching perspective (etp)

They say how you do anything is how do you do everything, and I concur.  Therefore, I see everything as spaghetti, that means I emotionally entangle all parts of importance to reach a common goal in communication.  What is important to your clients, your family, your audience, your readers and those you want to impact? Being skilled in talking the language of those who will listen means creating scenarios that will incorporate everyday routine with compelling challenges to address emotional blocks.


IFS Therapy Practitioner, Abuse and Trauma Therapist, Pastoral Counselor, Dance Therapist