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Certified Pastoral Counselor (ANGA),                    09/2013-present

  • Provide psychological and cognitive stability approaches to diffuse traumatic memory.

  • Offer holistic approach to well-being through an Emotional Teaching Perspective (ETP).

  • Addresses emotional disturbances through faith, prayer and wholeness based on Biblical Identity.

Chatham County Substitute Teacher, Kelly Services, Savannah, Ga.                                 02/2015-02/2018

  • Teach dream, tattoo and piercing interpretation to correlate life experience in sensitive matters with hope from a God who longs to bring insight and answers to life’s problems.

  • Integrate multiple teaching approaches and storytelling to dismantle lies behind emotional triggers of students that inhibit their ability to think deeply on matters.

  • Promote critical thinking by integrating visual and auditory communication skills with the use of dance, music, and comedy.

Designer, Color of Heaven Jewelry,                                    11/2013-present

  • Visionary for internet jewelry business that crochets three strands of wire to establish a cord of love to produce wall art, home décor and necklaces that can be special ordered to share a personal story.

  • Network with local business owners to barter resources in exchange for advertising on websites that feature models, wedding gowns, make-up artists, museum space, photographers and jewelry.

  • Maintain the branding of memes, content, blurbs, SEO and photography to market jewelry on the internet with links to social media and apps like ETSY and third party sources like PayPal.

Free-lance writer,                          10/2012-present

  • Write and critique articles pertaining to spiritual health issues such as psycho-somatic illness, childhood vaccinations, abuse and gender identity from a vantage point of love and education.

  • Perform written stories of real life events at re-treats, writing groups, comedy clubs and conferences where new writers are featured among renowned authors.

  • Author of Emotional Teaching Perspective (ETP) where curriculum for the behaviorally disturbed or misdiagnosed child has a chance to explain emotional conflict prior to performing scholastically.

Business Owner, Nooks & Crannies Cleaning and Decorating, Md. /Ga.                           01/2004-02/2014

  • Offer incentives for promotion through team projects, job training for projected management, and small business plans for employees interested in entrepreneurial careers.

  • Oversee Dream Department for design, storyboards, and marketing techniques that correspond with trends and customer perceptions of style, color, promotional merchandise, and creativity.

  • Implement, organize, manage, problem-solve and negotiate schedules for multi-day renovations.

Dance Instructor, Chapelgate Christian Academy, Baltimore, Md.                                        12/2003-05/2004

  • Oversaw dance interpretation and movement therapy coursework for accelerated arts department.

  • Choreographed beginner, intermediate and advanced dance repertoire in the areas of ballet, pointe and modern dance.

  • Integrated improvisational movement for ministries seeking encouragement of prophetic worship.

Substitute Teacher, Baltimore County Schools, Baltimore, Md.                                            01/2002-12/2003

  • Constructed and supervised a community service contract that afforded public school students a chance to participate in youth ministry outreaches for graduation credit.

  • Cultivated afterschool counseling program for writing resumes, completing college applications and proofreading written projects.

  • Maintained schedule and discipline levels for students by utilizing affirmations and role-play for introduction of psychological coursework in structured group participation.

Co-Founder of Speed and Strength Camp, Hampstead Md.                                           02/2001-11/2011

  • Coached and directed triathlon and running training programs for primary and secondary aged athletes with varying degrees of expertise.

  • Managed correspondence between city officials, sporting event directors and volunteers for successful promotion of youth county races and competitions.

  • Marketed to local sports stores, vendors, potential sponsors, investors and advertising agencies to participate in athletic expo during packet pick-up.

Autistic Therapist, Baltimore County Schools, Owings Mills, Md.                                       09/2000-01/2001

  • Creatively re-designed the lay-out of classroom space to implement rotated cubicle use for tutoring the diverse students in the ESOL and IEP programs.

  • Cultivated, organized, and launched a one-on-one mentoring program that trained educators in adaptation to a therapy approach of teaching children with special needs.

  • Researched and facilitated leadership development training for families who advocated vaccine free choices for their children to attend public schools.


  • Bachelors of Science Degree, College of Health and Human Performance

  • University of Maryland, 1997

  • Certificate of Dance and Theater Minor, College of Liberal Arts,

  • University of Maryland, 1997

  • Autistic Therapy Program (CSAAC), Rockville Maryland, 1997

Developer, Entrepreneurship at its Finest,           present

  • Synchronize businesses, hobbies and passions of entrepreneurs with the connections of other service providers through a networking group page on Facebook.

  • Incorporate use of marketing and advertising for the promotion of unique talent found in artistic venues and non-profit organizations publicized on YouTube and social media.

Founder, Walk on Water Incorporated, Westminster, Md.                               04/2008-present

  • Offer a safe haven which provides spiritual coaching, counseling, business skills and shelter for abused and unwanted youth.

  • Illuminate and highlight strengths of personal, ministerial or business pursuit and prophetically declare needed change that will offer greater success.

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Md. & Cobb County Ga.       1997 & present

  • Mentor and advocate assigned to monitor court ordered visitation between children and their parents which were scheduled by the state in accordance with privacy laws.

  • Acted as liaison between the child and non-profit organizations to obtain resources for mental health and emergency care.


  • Academic certification, Mind Renewal prayer ministry, Ed Smith, remote 01/2005-present

  • Apprentice, Bear Creek Prophetic deliverance, Portal Georgia 10/2012-11/2014

  • Itinerant Ministry Certification, Global Awakening Supernatural ministry school, Harrisburg Pa. 2012

  • Summer weekend Youth Coordinator, Street Evangelism, Rehobeth Md. 2012

  • Red-light district resource leader, Counseling groups in strip clubs, Baltimore Md. 2011

  • Wagner University credit hours, Global Awakening Inner Healing track, online 2011

  • Inner Healing Certification, Gary Sweeten PhD. Harrisburg Pa. 2011

  • Bangalore, India Healing Crusade, Global Awakening, Ravi Kandal 2010

  • Christian Healing Workshop Certification, Wellspring Ministries, Art Mathias, Alaska 2008

  • Spiritual Retreat Seminar, Deliverance of Mason Spirit, Will Hart Ministries 2007

  • Youth International leader, Zone Student Ministries, ElSalvador 2006

  • Intern, Prophecy and Words of knowledge, Pastor Lawrence, Cleveland Ohio 2000