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Accessible to remote locations, Angela Andrews writes, teaches and speaks from a place of passion to heal her heart and those of her audiences.  With just the stroke of a pen on paper or a recording from a hand held device, she captures the emotion of circumstances that befall us all.  Whether you're a business owner in need of a branded catchphrase, a psychological institution seeking an empathetic edge, a motivated person on a quest toward expression or a business wanting to spiritually connect your team, Ms. Andrews can write your story of any length or add a word that will capture your ideal vision for the best communication.  Satisfying curiosity with whit, her journalism skills can elevate the most common of messages to a profound slogan or story that will be seared in the memories of all who grasp the strategy of deep connection.

Angela's experience with advocacy in third world countries, ministry, public speaking, education, philanthropy, interior decorating, business ownership, marketing, jewelry design and a flare for humor to offset hardship, has propelled her to re-invent herself many times along life's journey. With entrepreneurship being her drive to incorporate understanding of spiritual counseling and personality prototyping, Angela has built upon her dance therapy and family study degrees to forge answers to questions that many seek through relationships and communication.  

Satisfying the soul is the common denominator in every task she takes on, affording her the ability to explain topics that cross socio-economic, race, cultural and religious demographics. Psychologically speaking, she writes about the things that few speak of while counseling the curious types who are burnt out on religion in hopes to expand upon the longings that mask deep need.

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IFS Therapy Practitioner, Abuse & Trauma Therapist, Pastoral Counselor, Dance Therapist: Child/Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotional Teaching Perspective (ETP), Theophostic Prayer Ministry, In-Utero rejection analysis, Grief Therapy, Expressive Journalism

Gay, Lesbian and Gender Identity. Autism Spectrum, Child development problems, Family dysfunction, Depression, Anxiety, SRA, Eating Disorders, Divorce, Couples, Pre-marital couples, Dyslexia, PTSD, Complex Trauma, ADHD, Psycho-somatic disorders, Sexual abuse, Adoption/Detachment


Areas of Intrigue

Comedy in Counseling

Why not make fun of yourself especially when others are doing it behind your back anyway?  I figure, I'll beat them to the punch because laughing at myself proves just how healed up I am.  If communicating my heart could be proto-typed in a blurb, than I’d admit I invoke compassion over hardships quickly through numerous modalities: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Inner Family Systems (IFS), Emotional Teaching Perspective (ETP), Biofeedback, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, Trauma Therapy, & NeuroTheology.

Emotional Teaching Perspective  (ETP)

If you jump into everything with both feet like I do then you probably back peddle after realizing some unplanned bumps in the road appear.  I've had that crazed look in my eye numerous times while strategizing how to change the course of my direction. Nonetheless, working with autistic children and researching behavioral connection has offered me psychological understanding for why people do what they do, and the ability to advocate for change we all seek.  I have forged an Emotional Teaching Perspective that is founded on personal empowerment through re-introduction of childhood needs to direct the course of one's life through a new pathway.

faith and Entrepreneurship

Launching my cleaning business became the benchmark for utilizing night dreams as a guide.  I became a pioneer who risked looking like a fool for the sake of success.  Nobody really seems to know the best way to pay-it-forward without expecting a payback so I have offered strategies to demystify the networking world by supporting dreams of other professionals in social media forums.  Without the need to beat the pavement, partaking in group advertising can afford you to let your fingers do the walking toward that still small voice that is always dreaming within.


Taking your dreams and ideas and putting an explanation of them into words, is what I do. The creative journey of writing, storytelling and editing requires adaptability to length, theme and audience with regard to it's own subjective connotation. Challenges such as these are my expertise. I direct all of my clients to journal their healing journey in a way that re-tells their story.

write to heal

Art and the interpretation of art is it's own art-form. Taking any creative outlet and associating it with purpose and direction for a persons call is mandatory when cultivating inspiration. The ability to use words to heal ones past, is simply profound. Like drawing or dancing, MEME making artistically fuels anecdotes with sarcasm in most social media feeds, so why not scribble a saying over a pretty picture and plaster it on the internet?  This creative outlet has many youth and adults sharing love and insight from their anxious worlds into cyberspace without embarrassment. Words have a way of releasing emotion that can artfully express one’s process to wholeness.


Don’t think like them, think like you.
— Legally Blond


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